Friday, March 27, 2009

Headed to Big Sur for the Weekend

Here is something I wrote a year ago this week. Every year Garret and I go camping in Big Sur for our anniversary. These are two of our favorite places to eat there. We will be hitting them up again.

Nepenthe Restaurant
We went for an early dinner. Waited outside by the fire and had some local brews. Dinner included Filet Mignon with mushroom white wine ragout and garlic mashed potatoes, maple duck glazed with ginger mango sauce and cappuccino creme brulee. The restaurant has a spectacular view from almost any location on the premises as well as an indoor and outdoor fireplace. The ingredients and wine list are all local and fresh.

Ripplewood Resort Restaurant
We stopped here to get coffee on the way home and ended up having a full-on gourmet breakfast. From the outside it looks like a gas station / convenience store and we were expecting Denny's on the inside. Instead it was quite charming. The wait staff boasted an eggs Benedict special which was probably the most beautiful eggs Benedict I have ever seen— eggs on top of an English muffin with Hollandaise sauce, sauteed mushrooms and fresh avocado slices. It was also served with hash browns that appeared to be made from a mashed potato base. I got the huevos rancheros with egg whites which was also wonderful. This restaurant was a great place to discover after a 10 mile hike the previous day and a freezing cold night of camping.

PS: We will probably be cheating on our vegetarian diet for the weekend. I can't justify driving 1.5 hours, hiking all day and roughing it for a veggie burger :)

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